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                        ELECTRIC PUNCHING MACHINE
                        2 IN 1 PUNCHING MACHINE
                        Date:2019-01-07 Views:

                        Heavy Duty 2 in 1  Electric Paper Punchin and Binding Machine 


                        Product Descreption:

                        1: Heavy futy paper punching machine with wire closing for 3:1&2:1

                        2: Punching margin is adjustable from 2.5mm to 6.5mm

                        3: With wire closing system for both 3:1&2:1 on the baclk of machine 

                        4: can close wire from 4.8mm to 38mm(3/16" to 1 1/2")

                        5: easy operation by foot pedal 

                        6: exchangeable punching dies for all kinds of punching pattern

                        7: change die is easy and fast,take 5minutes


                        Please note: the punching dies are exchangeable and can be made according to customers' need.


                        Technical Data:

                        Punch thickness(Cover thickness): 0~4 mm

                        PVC thickness(PE thickness): 0~1mm

                        Wire closing: 3/16”~1 1/2”(4.8~38 mm)

                        Max punching width: 430mm

                        Adjustable side margin: 2.5-6.5mm

                        Punching speed: 150 punch/minute

                        Power voltage: AC220V-240V,50HZ      A110V-120V,60HZ      


                        Machine weight: 165KGQQ截圖20190107123404.png

                        Motor power0.75KW