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                        360CK/360DK Digital Dia/Sticker Cutter
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                        360CK/360DK Digital Dia/Sticker Cutter



                        1. Fast information: 

                        We have two models for digital paper sticker die cutting machine:


                        * Single axle: AM360CK automatic feeding A3+ digital paper sticker die cutting machine


                        * Double axles: AM360DK automatic feeding A3+ digital paper sticker die cutting machine


                        Cheaper one AMD360CK with single axle, cutting distance to edge 3cm

                        AMD360DK with double axles, cutting distance to edge only 0.5cm so can

                        save materials like paper, sticker.


                         Main features

                        1) Real USB connecting. No USB drivers required.

                        2) Automatical contour cutting by camera.

                        3) 4.3" touch screen, high resolution, high definition.

                        4) High-speed 32bit M4 arithmetic microprocessor and 8M cache. Remote and one key update.

                        5) Multi languages are available.

                        6) Signcut software, adding contour line for pictures, like bitmap image or JPG.

                        7) Pastern axes and steel shaft for smooth and exact feeding.

                        8) HP sensoric Infeed system for stabilized feeding.


                        Warranty: 12 months from the date of shipment


                         Packing: one set one carton  

                         AMD360CK 73*33*33cm G.W. 19kg
                        AMD360DK 74*42*35cm G.W. 25kg


                        Shipping: suggest by express for one to five sets, for large quantity suggest sea.